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Some put the name of their blog or website, then add a few choice keywords. This all seemed like great advice to test and see. RELATED: How To Find The Best Keywords For Pinterest Pins and How To Use Them. No one wants to repin an obvious stock photo or a very low quality one, that means you need to get creative. You can test pinning the same image to different boards, and pinning 10 different images. Now that you’ve grasped the basics, set up your account, and have a goal driven Pinterest marketing strategy, we’ve got ten top Pinterest marketing tips to get you on your way. As long as the pin itself is new. For example, content creator Chelsea Clark added the keyword “plant based wellness” to her Pinterest profile, making her content more likely to show up for users who include the term “plant based” in their Pinterest search.

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Input your business email address, preferred password and age, then click Create account. Finally, adjust the scheduled time if needed, and hit Save to schedule your Pin. If you upload via the mobile app, don’t forget to take the time for this step. I just updated that section, because it’s increasingly evident that re pinning doesn’t really help much. I am mentioning this because our website with the same type of products has a very low conversion rate of under 1%. Com and click the Sign up button in the top right corner. Pinterest image design and creation tools allow you to design, edit, create and publish professional looking photos and images for the platform along with any other social media site and your website. Now it’s time to start creating those beautiful pins that really sell your business. You will also want to optimize this section with relevant keywords more on this later. A user’s home feed is displayed based on what Pinterest’s algorithm thinks they are most interested in. Create an engaging image for each piece of content using software like Canva to create eye catching pins. Now Pinterest is recommending no more than 25 pins a day. Since Pinterest is a search engine, we HAVE to implement Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

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Image Source: MDBootstrap. It will index and rank your video based on what words you include in the video description. With a business Pinterest account, you can extend your reach by unlocking tools such as Pinterest Analytics, Pinterest Business Hub, rich pins, and all other types of pins. Here’s a great example from the Social Media Examiner Pinterest account. Pinterest has a unique and sizable followers base. Think of boards like categories. Not only will this strategy help your pins get more visibility, but it’s also super easy to manage with tools like Statusbrew, which allows you to schedule pins to specific boards and even create board lists for different topics. I’m using Canva PRO to speed up the process of designing and then scheduling directly to Pinterest from there. Check this box to save your name, email and website in this browser for the next time you comment. Click “social”, and then select the Pinterest tab. Recipe Pins: Rich Pins for recipes are perfect if your business is in food or cookery. Make the sections descriptive and use language that is rich in keywords. Learn how to use Pinterest to reach your ideal audience, then drive traffic and leads to your website. Use this section to let them know how you’re going to serve them with the type of content or niche you are. You’ll need to fill out information about your business and who will be managing your account, and once you’ve completed the form, just click “Done”. Check out the digital advertising services of The Next Ad. It will help your search engine ranking on Google and Pinterest. This will remind your reader that they can pin your post, so they can find it at a later date in the future. It has such great potential to change your blog or business if you do the same. Images that are posted to the platform are scaled. With Moz Pro, you have the tools you need to get SEO right — all in one place. But in order to truly reap the rewards, you must master the art of Pinterest SEO. Finally, remember to link each board to your website or social media profiles whenever possible. Your audience will see a small white dot indicating that your item is for sale. Pinterest is an important platform for small businesses to use because it can attract new attention for your brand, translate to plenty of sales, and create strong relationships with your target audience. If you’re going to create an account, the least you can do is actually set it up properly. On Pinterest, you will want to find what people are searching for in relation to this keyword. Yes, Pinterest for Business is free to access.

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People flock to Jennifer’s page for a reason they like what she Pins. So so thankful for it. It’s specific and designed to help them move through Pinterest easily and FIND what they’re looking for. If you need help with ideas, try searching for a generic term in the search bar, and use one of Pinterest’s suggested terms that will appear below. While Pinterest automatically scales all images you upload to match the exact width, you choose the height of your images. Grow your business and become stronger and more resilient with our free guide to growing your business. If you haven’t even started a Pinterest account for your blog I’ve written this ultimate beginner’s guide to starting on Pinterest. Product Pins: For any online retailer, having Product Pins makes shopping for your customers easier through Pinterest. If you manually upload a pin to Pinterest, then you’ll add the title and description at that time. Although Pinterest recommends pinning to no more than 10 RELEVANT boards, it’s increasingly evident that re pinning your own content does nothing to boost visibility. What will they get from your article. So, if you have a website or a blog, make sure you’re labeling your images with appropriate and relevant names as this will ensure that all pins from your website have good descriptions which can play a key role in getting more pins and repins. ONLY virality that results in follower growth is ultimately good for your Pinterest marketing. This keyword should not only be included in the name of your board but also your board and pin descriptions. Pinterest pin descriptions are the elevator pitch of your content on Pinterest – short, punchy, and attractive if told to the right person. Related: How to Create Engaging Social Media Posts With Ripl. When users have multiple pins, they can add it to a Pinterest board which kinda resembles a scrapbook or gallery. 7 Best Dishwasher Detergents for Spotless Results.

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There are five types of rich pin. 84% of Pinners use Pinterest to decide what to buy — which means it’s critical you position yourself in front of them by creating original content for your brand. Skin Care by Gal Meets Glam. These books also make great gifts. Consider the age, gender, interests, and needs of your target audience and tailor your content to meet their needs and preferences. Pinterest also automatically provides a few keywords to choose from before you even search, based on the pin you’re promoting. Hence, you will increase your followers faster this way. These recommendations are keyword phrases that Pinterest users are actively searching for on the platform and should be your guide on how to optimize your Pins using the specific tips below. Which you can’t complain at since the ultimate goal is to bring more exposure to your brand. If you come across any interesting blog posts, you can always repurpose them as an infographic and share them on Pinterest. Pin them, and then move on to your next piece of content. It’s a good idea — before you start using Pinterest to market your business — to create a personal profile to help learn the ropes. When restricted by the number of characters, their focus drills down to the keywords SEO, social media and online. Required fields are marked. There are two approaches to creating your own group board. This format is ideal for marketers looking to share ideas or plans with their team, as anyone can contribute. Hi, I’m Asia, living in Vancouver Canada with my family of four. Open a business account and refrain from converting your existing personal account to a business profile. For example, instead of adding a bookmark to your web browser for every page you visited recently that had a recipe you’d like to try, instead, you can save an image from the website to a Pinterest board called “Foods to try” for later. There are many other creators and business owners who want to learn how to use Pinterest. But creating content that inspires your audience instead of pushing for sales will increase brand loyalty and engagement, which directly affects sales. It’s always ideal to stay ahead of trends and adopt them early. You can have up to 30 scheduled pins. Tailwind Tribes is a previously invite only app that is the secret ingredient of bloggers and influencers to majorly boost blog and Pinterest traffic, engagement and social reach.

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They can be made public to enable other pinners to spot your board when looking for new products and ideas. We love this small, simple yet stunning patio pond from Aquascape Supplies; small enough for any backyard, but stylish enough to pull a serious punch in the garden design department. More than 400 million people look to Pinterest for purchasing inspiration every month. The visual search engine is the favorite of every marketer, seller, artist, and more. And this feeling is exasperated when it feels like you’re not getting good returns on your investment, anyway. But other objectives that can be set and measured include conversions/sales, sign ups for events, and website visits. Paying someone to moderate may be the only cost depending on what you want to do. This is when you take a bunch of keywords and force them into your post. Thanks for bringing out time to offer such good information. Pinterest shared a peak at how they map Pins to Interests. Claiming your website on Pinterest unlocks a host of great features including: analytics, a featured logo, early access to tools, and more. You will see a square with a plus sign. Setting goals at the beginning of each month will help motivate you to continue growing your Pinterest account. Select Accept to consent or Reject to decline non essential cookies for this use. Doesn’t that sound easy.

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If your objective is to drive clicks, use the description to hint that there’s more to see on your website. Fresh means a new design, text overlay pin title and description. Conduct keyword research and write the bio. Essentially, understanding that Pinterest is a search engine has a few key benefits for your blog traffic strategy. To take all the guesswork out, invest in an automation tool to pin your content at the best and optimal times. As soon as you create new content on your website or on other social media channels, be sure to save it to Pinterest as well. Boards can also be optimized for search. Modify asrequired, try new methods, incorporate other keywords, collect further data, andevaluate the results. Try to spread your pins throughout the day. Take the popular blog Food52. ECommerce thrives in the Pinterest marketplace. Rhinestone makeup definitely made a splash in 2022, especially on social media, and with the current reach of Y2K trends don’t expect a departure. Additionally, claiming your site gives you access to analytics so you can see how people are interacting with your pins, which topics your target audience is interested in, and which of your pins are most popular. What’s new for idea pins in 2023. Sellbrite points out that Forever 21, a women’s clothing brand, does a great job of this. We tried this out with a handful of Google+ posts, adding a “Pin It for Later” link at the end. The complete Pinterest advertising guide to more valuable ads. There are five types of rich pin. You can use copy paste scripts from my Pinterest exposure guide to help. Best of all, these are stacks of organic content opportunities on Pinterest, meaning businesses don’t need to sink thousands of dollars into social advertising to get results on this platform. You can enter up to 100 characters. Your email address will not be published. Tabby says she believes Pinterest has always been a relatively safe place on the internet and I would agree. It’s sometimes helpful to focus on getting followers for individual boards than it is for your entire account, so work on promoting your most popular boards to your audience. ” But, sadly it’s not that easy. Read More Twitter Allows Login and Register with Google and Apple AccountsContinue. Pinterest provides you with a unique and engaging way to introduce your small business to platform users. Joining relevant group boards will increase your exposure. The key to getting more audience is to engage with them. I am going to outline each step so that you have a well rounded and current Pinterest strategy to drive traffic to your blog.

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This app can save you hours of time compared to pinning manually. After all, inventory and availability change frequently during a campaign and pricing updates can also be an issue. As an example, let’s say that my analytics show that my audience is predominantly female and between the ages of 25 44. Most images, when pinned, are linked to the original websites they’re from. Start by creating your Pinterest Business account. Make sure your pin’s image is clear, bright and inspiring. But in the case of Pinterest, a visual search engine – it means a whole lot more. If you have a personal profile, you need to log out of it before you can create a new account. How can we make this article better. Not to mention 83% of users have made a purchase from content they’ve seen on Pinterest. The steps you need to take after you’ve created your Pinterest account experienced Pinterest users, double check you’ve done all of these. Pins act like bookmarks that people use to save ideas they love. For our example of “black leather sandals”, the suggested topics were “summer”, “high heels”, “flats” and all you have to do is click on the suggestion that is relevant to you, and the results will refresh to include that search term. This will eventually translate into how many followers you can get to your board or channel. Don’t forget to read our related post on the topic: Visual Content Strategy: How to Use Visuals to Get More Traffic. A profile can have 2000 boards with 200,000 pins. It’s popular because it’s powerful. It didn’t seem that hashtags played a significant role in an increase in engagement for any of our pins. The Set Up and Strategy Package will help you create, clean up and optimise your Pinterest account to drive high quality traffic to your website. The Set Up and Strategy Package will help you create, clean up and optimise your Pinterest account to drive high quality traffic to your website. That said, some marketers and businesses want even more detail.

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Pinterest is an incredibly powerful tool for promoting your business online. By adding that “Save” button to those images which you do by adding a piece of HTML code to your site, pinners can save those images to their pins and boards with the click of a button. Your travel blog will do well on Pinterest with gorgeous travel pins. Similar to most all social media networks and websites, you want to make sure that the images you share are in full, high resolution. Disclaimer and Disclosure. And Aveeno has boards for their own products, like Aveeno Body and Sun Care boards. As of late 2019 and 2020, the Pinterest experts say that the success to Pinterest is to pin about 10 15 of your own pins a day and about 3 5 pins from other accounts. Pinterest allows users to create up to 6 featured Highlights. We tested out whether writing a detailed, keyword rich description would bring more Repins, likes, and comments to our pins. Many of those pins are coming from brands, businesses, bloggers, and entrepreneurs who are taking advantage of the fact that Pinterest is chock full of potential fans and loyal followers. In one Idea Pin, for instance, Mejuri creates a lookbook showing Pinterest users the different ways they can stack bracelets. It is the publisher of Search Engine Land the leading Search Engine Optimization digital publication. Pinterest is popular across all age demographics. After leaving a job at a nationally known non profit corporation, Jennifer began searching Pinterest for ideas for her son’s Bar Mitzvah, and in the process she Pinned a lot of “rustic wedding” ideas, because “rustic camping” was the theme they were using for her son’s party. Another way to generate more traffic is to create your board. For now, my alt text for the blog post image is optimized for SEO as in, so that it ranks well in Google. This is great because you can solely focus on promoting your posts – not those of others. You have the right content. Engage with followers and influencers to grow your reach by. Use this list of emotional words to get your gears turning. Don’t just re pin the content of others. I had a question about the Alt tags for images if we are pinning directly from an Etsy listing are these alt tags for our images still important. These are just a couple of ways you can use Pinterest to make money. Sign up for a 7 day trial of Plann pro today and schedule all your social media content for Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest from one place.

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Use the 5 key tips I’ve shared above to help you write titles that’ll give you more Pinterest link clicks and repins. Even, if these ideas don’t exactly correspond with your content, I hope that this list helps you to create some incredible and high performing Idea Pins. Pin this post for later. You can focus on being the heart and brains behind your business by putting Pinterest marketing on software autopilot. Ready to kick start your Pinterest for business marketing strategy. So, get ready to gain more followers on Pinterest. Pinterest Profile Optimization won’t take that much time, but it will boost traffic by Pinterest significantly. Keep your boards beautiful and help your customers discover things they love. Pinterest is currently doing heavy promotion for Idea pins. The best Ideas pins are those that inform and interest others to learn more. Think of Pinterest as your opportunity to give your followers a tasting tray of helpful things some will be created by you, some by other experts. Beyond a certain aesthetic, Pinterest users are looking for relevant content and ideas that motivate them to try new things. Plus, you won’t be able to share Etsy seller images on Pinterest. Marketing Donut provides practical information to help your business succeed. Before utilizing my Pinterest strategies, I had about 2,000 subscribers. When your pins rise to the top of the results in Pinterest searches, you can potentially get big traffic to your website. Now that you know how to be discovered on Pinterest, it’s time to implement these tips in your Pinterest marketing strategy. For example, a business who sells photography equipment might share photography related tips or advice on how to use their products more effectively. You can strategise till the cows come home, but a huge part of successfully mastering Pinterest for business is creating engaging and captivating pins that users will proudly add to their boards. Article pins, for example, will display the title of the article, its publisher, the publication date, and the author. There are three different ways to claim your website. I’m Anastasia and I’m a full time blogger, online entrepreneur, and Pinterest marketing strategist. They can be a game changer when used correctly. Pinterest’s inbuilt analytics are incredibly comprehensive, and a great tool to help you plan a content strategy. You can also have access to Pinterest ads, a hub dashboard, and more. There are several ways to incorporate Pinterest with your website, and three areas in which to optimize Pinterest. If you don’t find a relevant board for your pins, they won’t have the desired impact. These don’t have to be super fancy and can be filmed from your phone, just make sure your product is front and center. It functions like a digital catalogue which allows you to group and store categories of content. They stand out because they’re not quite the exact audience you might expect on Pinterest.

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What answers can you provide to their problems. However, I truly started to see huge spikes in my traffic once I implemented a few key things I discuss in this blog post. Your Pinterest account needs to be the same name as your blog. Like this example of my profile below. I will likely use rich pins once my website is up later this month. Don’t make a batch of pins for one post and pin them all on the same day. If some other owl had already snagged “Hootsuite,” for example, we could use “HootsuiteOfficial” or “ThisIsHootsuite”. Of these, the Marketing Tips board has the most keyword friendly description with terms like “content marketing” and “email marketing. You’re also able to show your audience and followers how much their support and business mean to you through giveaways, videos of your behind the scenes work, latest company news, product information, promotions, and discount codes. You do not need to learn how to use any advanced design tools because their work station is very straightforward. Every good social media account rests on a community of engaged and interested followers. Pinterest is a visual search engine, so the key to getting your content discovered by your audience is to do your keyword research and use keywords throughout your account and content. After taking that class, my click through and save stats took a big jump. Pinterest is action driven.